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Health, Safety & Environment Committee (“HSE”)

Environmental Protection

HKCMA member companies are committed to investing in a wide range of environmental improvements across all of their activities. Plant upgrades typically include process yield optimization, increased recycling, waste reduction, and energy efficiency and emission reduction. Sustained investment programs are put in place to maintain industry best practice in all these key areas. Our contribution to natural resources conservation (e.g. the crushing plant in our quarries turned the surplus rock from local development projects to usable aggregates), and the sustainable land use (e.g. the restoration of quarry sites to safe and usable land).

Concrete is the second most used resource in the world after water. Currently, there is no practical substitute for this versatile and durable product for most purposes. As chief ingredients in concrete, aggregates and cement are therefore key requirements for a modern society. That is why we have set ourselves very clear objectives to be through product innovation to reduce the materials consumption.

We are also committed to work closely with organisations and statutory bodies such as the Hong Kong Construction Industry Council who seek to initiate the Carbon Labelling Scheme for Construction Products. As a Hong Kong-based voluntary scheme, it intends to encourage the demand for, and supply of, low carbon construction material products, thereby contributing to Hong Kong's transition to a low carbon economy.


  • Best practice guides (linkage to relevant best practice guide/COP; may develop HKCMA’s guidelines in the future)
  • Study reports (HKCMA may commission studies/researches, such as life cycle impact assessment for selected construction materials)
  • HKCMA’s Environmental Awards
  • Environmental Charter (e.g. climate protection charter; carbon reduction charter)