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MaSTEC 2021 - Innovative Materials Science and Technology in the Greater Bay Area Construction

MaSTEC is a classic event hosted by the HKIE Materials Division, but as distinct from previous conferences, MaSTEC 2021 aims to provide a platform for engineers, researchers, business leaders, industry experts and government officials working or planning to work in the Greater Bay Area, to promulgate their latest innovations or pioneering applications of construction related materials, share information and experiences, and explore collaboration opportunities.

MaSTEC 2021 will include plenary keynote lectures and topics that cover all kinds of construction related materials such as: · Materials science such as materials genome and alkali-aggregate reaction · Steel and other metallic materials such as coupler · Cement-based materials such as 3D printing materials and their additives like fiber and admixtures · Glass, ceramic and other nonmetallic materials · Coating materials such as paints · Functional materials having construction related applications but not listed above · Materials testing, quality control and big data in manufacturing or construction applications

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