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Health, Safety & Environment Committee (“HSE”)


In the construction materials industry, sustainable development has moved on from being simply desirable to become accepted as an imperative. Few industries make a greater contribution to the quality of our lives than aggregates and quarry products, but equally, few industries are as ‘captive’ to the resources location as quarrying. In many cases, this can put the economic benefit of the operation in direct conflict with the needs of local communities. For the two to co-exist in harmony, takes a combined effort from all stakeholders and an effective system of process management.

In the HK quarrying business we define Corporate Sustainability as a company's verifiable commitment to operating in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner that is transparent and increasingly satisfying to its stakeholders. Stakeholders include investors, customers, employees, business partners, local communities, the environment and wider society. The emphasis is on transparent and verifiable stakeholder driven business operation delivering optimized sustainability performance.

There is no doubt that member companies are doing more than ever before to tackle the sustainability challenge, by recognising their social responsibilities, reducing their environmental impact, guarding against ethical compromise, creating governance transparency, and becoming more accountable to their stakeholders.