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Asphalt Product Committee



The Hong Kong Asphalt industry has a long-established history, with all major expressways and roads in the territory and all runways and taxiways at the International Airport paved with various types of asphalt and nearly all supplied by HKCMA Members. Technical advances (including the embracing of polymer modified materials) are making our roads more durable, despite the ever-increasing traffic loads. As such, our road network can be easily and cost effectively maintained, reducing disruption on our busy road networks. Asphalt materials are very versatile and can be adapted to incorporate recycled products from waste tyres to plastic bottles and even old asphalt pavements. In recent years the asphalt industry has been working closely with various Government departments to develop materials that reduce noise pollution for residents.

Our industry overcomes many challenges on a daily basis including working next to live traffic and short maintenance periods, but delivers quality materials all over the territory and as well as on our major links to the Mainland, including most recently the award-winning Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge.