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Health, Safety & Environment Committee (“HSE”)

Sustainable Products

We are continuing to focus on improving the sustainability performance of our products. Effective design of buildings using concrete substantially reduces long-term carbon emissions and we have developed with our various partners a robust methodology for measuring the carbon emissions associated with asphalt use in highways projects.

Through collaborating with government departments on policies and legislation that impacts the industry, our aim is to help ensure that sustainability assessments of buildings and structures are both comprehensive and consistent in order to achieve real gains, while contributing to improved sustainability through the continued development of products and services offered.


- Linkage to relevant certification schemes/standards; e.g. BES6001 for sustainable sourcing, ISO14025 for environmental product labelling schemes, HKGBC’s Construction Materials Green Label Scheme, CIC’s construction materials Carbon label Scheme

- Platform for member companies to showcase their “Green” initiatives or sustainable products