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Rebar Processing Solutions Committee

General Q&As for Rebar Prefabrication Yard (II)

Q6. How to ensure all prefabricated rebar products conform the specification and delivery to site ?

- ISO and recognized IAT QA system
- Computerized info mapping BBS to Production machineries; BBS conformity of General Notes and Standards.
- Digitized input and traceability, e.g bar code scanning inputs, server direct production schedule downloading, data mapping …etc
- Standardized and automatic mapping of bending former/pins, bar size, lengths, angles and directions
- All cutting and bending is performed by controls of hydraulic and pneumatic system to ensure high degree of repeatability and accuracy.
- Delivery truck GPS and car cam for continuous monitoring and record

Q7. IF CB product lost its ID tag, how to identify its position to be used?

- tag per shape per BBS item
- fixed on binding wires or rebar by steel wire
- Grouped in elements, members, position…etc
- Single tag lost  ID by other grouped products
- Detailed BBS upon delivery can help to check the physical size if needed.

Q8. Any contingency plan in case the off-site rebar prefabrication yard fails to supply?

All CEDD yards are members of RPSC-HKCMA. They have an agreement to back-up each other, in case one factory has supply difficulty, other member’s factories will back up each other to ensure the project progress unaffected.

Q9. Who does actually control the wastage?

Prefabrication Yard controls
- Both BBS compiler and Cut & Bend processor
- For stock length rebar usage : BBS compiler and Cut & Bend processor should well communicate:
- BBS compiler : beware of multiple length and use of odd lengths
- Cut & Bend processor : Multi-batch processing vs Just In Time order completion
- For rebar-in-coil DBIC usage:
- Single length of rebar nearly NO WASTAGE !!!

Q10. Does the Yard ready for BIM inputs? What kind of data format that can be fed for direct production?

- Yes, data from BIM software can be directly input to Cut & Bend system
- Detailing and scheduling works have to be done on upstream BIM software (e.g Revit, Telka …etc)
- Selected elements/parts can be exported into BVBS data format (i.e. *.abs)
- BVBS data format can be directly feed into Yard’s cut and bend system for production arrangement.