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Rebar Processing Solutions Committee

General Q&As for Rebar Prefabrication Yard (I)

Q1: Will BD accept ?

Answer:  SURE! BD will accept. To facilitate the use, a streamlined process has been agreed with BD

Q2. What are the documentation required in OP application?

- Copy of Sampling Records
- Copy of Witness Records of IAT
- Copy of test reports issued by HOKLAS Laboratory
- A Statement signed by the RSE to confirm the rebars used in the building project in compliance with the BO and its subsidiary regulations

Q3. Is it possible to use customer rebar?

Answer:  SO SORRY!!!

NO, rebar processing factories are producing rebar products supplying all projects in hand, it is not possible to select specific rebar for production

Q4. Can the project RSE / RE participate in the sampling of rebar when the rebar prefabrication yard is chosen?

- government projects – DB TC 10/2018, the IAT will be responsible for supervising and conducting the batch sampling of rebar.
- For non-government projects – BD APP-45 Apr 2019, batch sampling of rebar conducted in accordance with the QMS of the Approved Yard and witnessed by the IAT is accepted as satisfying the requirement of qualified site supervision in respect of sampling of rebar in accordance to purchaser’s testing.
- The site RSE / RE are welcome to participate in witnessing of the sampling process by the IAT or the CAB processor quality team (T3)
- Only rebar that passes the purchaser’s test are allowed to be used for processing.
- The batches of passed rebar will be used in various job sites.

Q5. What is the production flexibility that allows urgent orders?

- Normal production requires 5-6 working days
- Urgent delivery can be accommodated (depends on yard’s spare capacity and the required quantity) ; Few hrs to few days for delivery depends on the shapes/sizes/quantities of the requested urgent order
- Reasonable special request can be agreed between fixer and yard
- Deliveries that are required within 48 hours usually attract a premium