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Testing, Inspection & Certification Sub Committee

Committee Members


Ms. Miranda Kwan, SGS Hong Kong Limited



Mr. Chan Yuk Lun, Promet Metals Testing Laboratory Limited
Mr. Ng Chi Kwan, Kevin, Quality Control Consultants Ltd.
Mr. Simon Yan, The Lab (Asia) Ltd.
Ms. Candy Wong, CMA Industrial Development Foundation Limited
Mr. Matthew Fung, Hong Kong Concrete Co., Ltd
Mr. Kenneth Mak , K. Wah Concrete Co., Ltd.
Mr. Sam Yip, Alliance Construction Materials Limited
Mr. Alfred Ho, Golik Concrete Limited
Mr. Billy Cheema, Multi-way Industries Ltd
Mr. C.W. Ko, Multi-way Industries Ltd
Mr. Thomas Tao, Green Island Cement Co., Ltd.
Mr. Franco Ng, Green Island Cement Co., Ltd.