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Precast MiC Committee

Advantages on MiC

MiC means modular integrated construction, which is the green construction method with the highest degree of building industrialization. An innovative R&D of modular integrated construction (MiC) divides the building into modules, so that all construction processes of modular structure, interior decoration, water & electricity, equipment pipes and cables, bathroom facilities and so on can be completed efficiently in the factory, and the building can be quickly assembled as a whole through reliable connection technology on site, thereby moving the building process from the construction site to the factory. In this way, MiC can greatly shorten the construction period, and lower the difficulty of construction, thereby "building a house like a car", which is the green construction method with the highest industrialization level at present.

In the full life-cycle of design, production, construction and post-demolition recycling of building projects, the rapid construction of MiC provides four advantages: high efficiency, high quality, green & low-carbon, material-saving & labor-saving. MiC has become a game-changer facilitating new type of construction industrialization and low-carbon transformation & upgrading of the construction industry to achieve high-quality development of the construction industry.