Topic : Introduction to Crypto, NFT, and Digital RMB

Date : 12 April 2022

Time : 14:00 to 17:00 (HKT)

Language : Cantonese supplemented by English

Fee : Free of Charge

Speaker : Mr Terran Cheung, IT Manager of Green Island Cement Company Limited


Since the launch of the bitcoin network in 2009, cryptocurrencies started getting attention in the technical and financial sectors, and eventually being aware by the public over the last decade. Blockchain, the core technology behind bitcoin, is being adopted outside the bitcoin network. However, the price volatility of bitcoin and the mysterious mining process makes it look unreal. The technical details behind bitcoin are also incomprehensible by the mass of people.

This 3-hour presentation provides a deep dive into the internals of bitcoin to show exactly how it works - no background knowledge is required. Two related topics NFT and e-CNY (Digital RMB) are also presented to provide a better view of the digital currency arena today.


• Cryptography
• History of bitcoin
• Operation of bitcoin, blockchain, and mining
• Use cases and adoption of cryptocurrencies
• Environmental impact of cryptocurrencies
• Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and NFT marketplaces
• The development of Digital RMB (DCEP)
• The future of digital currencies

Thematic Objectives:

• Cryptography - Introduce the basic concepts of cryptography as a foundation to understand cryptocurrencies
• Cryptocurrencies - Demystify how cryptocurrencies and blockchain work
• NFT and DCEP - Explain what NFT and Digital RMB are and how they are different from cryptocurrencies


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